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Free Download Sword of Soul 스워드 오브 소울 FULL apk UPDATE

Written By mas luries on Sunday, July 31, 2016 | 3:43 AM

Free Download Sword of Soul 스워드 오브 소울 FULL apk UPDATE - "Sword of Soul" is the most innovative and unique game! A game of the Future Action Mobile Game, featured Cartoon picture style, improved fighting combo, fantastic skill effect; a game that you can do Live Combat with other players. Use your top notch fighting skills to bring peace and honor to yourself! This isn’t just a fighting game. THIS... IS... SWORD OF SOUL!

스워드 오브 소울-Sword of Soul

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★ Game Features ★

1. The former system! Three jobs, six kinds of attributes
After achieving the former is open to lv40. There are two vocational choice!
If the former is not only to increase attack power!
New skills! Colorful visual feast!

2. Hualien battered gwaegam of skills
Refreshing impact feel stressed!
Hualien is a specialty Cow!
Indeed battered by a combination of skill, such as riding, lifting stitch! Experience a new action game!

3. Various characters
Cute style, 100 species of monster attacks a fun way!
The heart lighter at the same time enjoying the game.

4. Can anyone!
Wear brass of the Sword of Soul and take it even sword!
You can get rich rewards through combat without boring break!
The appearance changes include, of course, to strengthen property and equipment imprint!
O hero, full of personality! Kill an enemy with a sword!

5. Strong skills! And the promotion of positive infinity!
Character is also promoted changes in appearance and properties, depending on the level!
Each skill will affect the number of battered and battered about.
You can see the job through the features skill.

6. The operation of the four square! Feel the Battle pleasure!
Special operation mode!
You can move freely.
The screen divides the two zones of operation.
Get rid discard the skill and virtual fire button square button on traditional games.
The game interface is clean! Experience new ways carving!

★ Content Update ★ 
The upper limit of characters up to level 70!
Open a new character!
60-70 level of the city before opening!
60-70 level quest Open!
Add geomyoung system (item Spirit Sword - Sword Attack Power in addition to the one up! Up!)
Boss 70 reps up to the challenge!
Guardian modified to 70 reps!
Dungeons 70 representatives to the party!
Elite dungeon to 70 reps!
100 floors up the tower of chaos!
"King of the Castle" Additional system.
lv70 gold equipment can be synthesized.
Available wings / geomyoung synthesis.
Seolbim / Angel's Wings can be synthesized.
Golden Rune Draw / replaceable.
Up to 65 reps pet!
Strengthen key representatives of hell up to 70!
Geomyoung can come from the trials Treasure Pack & Gift Pack heaven.
Additional property fashion set.
Heaven 70 matching levels increase.
Adjust some gift packs reward.

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swordofsoul.kr/
Official Cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/swordofsoul
Contact Us: swordofsoulkr@gmail.com

Additional Information
Date of update
January 29, 2016
The current version
Supported Android versions
4.0.3 or higher

Download Link 

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